The My Body Back Project

We offer cervical screening, contraceptive care, STI testing and maternity care for people who’ve experienced sexual violence.


Our resources

We’ve put together a selection of resources that we hope will be helpful to everyone, from survivors to healthcare providers and researchers.

The MBB App

This our step-by-step guide to help you prepare, attend and complete your cervical screening test. We’ve worked with a team of experienced specialist psychologists, nurses, doctors and survivors to create this, and we hope it’s useful, whether you’re going to your GP, a sexual health clinic or an MBB clinic.

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Reading list

We’ve compiled a list of some books that we’ve loved and found helpful. It’s not an exhaustive list and we can’t promise that these books will be safe for everyone, although we have tried to be selective. So, as you go through the list, remember to take care, take your time and go easy – these books aren’t going anywhere.

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It is completely natural that your appointment brings up a range of emotions. We have put together a resource pack with a range of ideas and techniques that we hope will support you in the weeks after you see us. Whilst these are specifically designed with the people who have attended our clinics in mind, we think they will support anyone living with the effects of violence.

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