The My Body Back Project

We offer cervical screening, contraceptive care, STI testing and maternity care for people who’ve experienced sexual violence.

MBB Clinics: everything you need to know

Thank you for booking your appointment at the MBB Clinic – we’re so looking forward to welcoming you.

The first thing we’d like you to know is that you’re in control at every stage of your appointment. We’ll take everything at your pace and there’s absolutely no pressure to have a full cervical screening test during your first appointment. If you feel up to it, that’s fine. If you don’t, that’s fine too. We can always book you a follow-up appointment.

We know it can be difficult to express what you need during an appointment, and we’re here to help with that. It’s your body, and we’re simply there to help you make sure it’s as healthy as possible.

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Our clinic is staffed only by women. Our team members are fully aware of the effects of sexual violence and ready to work with you to make sure that your cervical screening happens on your terms.

On the day

Here’s a guide to what happens on the day.

Before your appointment

Think about what makes you feel comfortable and relaxed. It could be anything from your favourite jumper, album or the perfect cup of tea. Once you know, have a think about how we can incorporate this into your visit.

If you have a favourite item of clothing, it’s a great idea to wear it to your appointment. You can also bring your own music and headphones and listen to whatever you like during your appointment. Do let us know if you have any particular teas, coffees, cakes, magazines, newspapers or anything else you’d like us to bring in for you.

Just to let you know, although the MBB Clinic is staffed only by women, there are male members of hospital staff working elsewhere in the clinic space and in the building generally, so you might see them on the day.

Before your appointment, there’s a registration form you’ll need to fill out with your GP details. Please click the link below, print the form and fill it in to bring with you. This allows us to let your GP know you have had your cervical screening test and send them your results, so they’ll stop sending you letters about being due for a test.

Clinic registration form

Finding us

Here are the walking directions.

If you can, you might find it less stressful to leave plenty of time for finding us. If you’re early, you can relax in our waiting area.

When you arrive

When you arrive, you’ll be met by two of our volunteers, who’ll make you a cup of tea or coffee. There’ll be a welcoming space for you to sit down with a magazine or newspaper, or whatever makes you feel comfortable.

You can then come in and have a chat with our doctor and psychologist. Here we can discuss what would make you most comfortable. For example, some people don’t want the clinician to use particular phrases, touch them on certain areas of their body or ask certain questions – we’ll make sure all these needs are met. Likewise, there may be certain things you do want, like the clinician telling you exactly what she’s doing throughout the process, to stop what she’s doing if you make a certain sign or to take a break at any time. It’s also perfectly okay to feel emotional – we understand that, and you don’t have to apologise for it. The opposite is true too. Some women prefer to cut off completely during the session, and that’s absolutely fine.

We’ll also discuss relaxation methods, breathing techniques and take you through our aromatherapy kit to see if this could help you feel relaxed. Our clinic is about tailoring things so they’re right for you.

After your appointment

You’re welcome to stay in our waiting area, help yourself to more drinks and treats and stay for as long as you like! We’re happy to keep you company (or leave you in peace) until you feel ready to go.

If you need to book another session with us, we’ll do that for you. If not, we’ll send your sample to our lab and, once we have your results, we’ll send them straight to your GP, who’ll let you know the results. this can take up to six weeks, as labs are currently extremely busy. If you need a colposcopy procedure, we can also help with this. You can be referred to our MBB clinic for it, and we’ll try and make it as easy as possible for you.

After attending your appointment, please do something nice for yourself! We know it can difficult to even book a cervical screening, so please be proud of yourself for booking, attending and looking after yourself in the way you deserve.

We look forward to seeing you soon.