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Café V – a blog post by our very own Ellie

Our Project Coordinator, Ellie, wrote us a brilliant blog post after attending this month’s Café V.

A Bunch of Glittery Twats

I’m sitting in a coffee shop in Hoxton feeling particularly glittery, with two incredibly sparkly vulvas sitting discreetly in my bag. I’ve just left Café V, which was facilitated this week by the wonderful Jo Harrison, a graphic designer and illustrator who had us decorating vulvas of all shapes and sizes. We made pendants, earrings, keyrings, badges and posters – but most of all, we had fun together and celebrated ourselves and our bodies.

Café V was set up to provide a supportive and inclusive space for women who have experienced sexual violence to come together. We know that living with the effects of trauma can be exhausting and lonely, we know it can leave us feeling unsafe in our own bodies and scared of our own sexuality. Café V is a space to reclaim that, to feel a sense of solidarity and sisterhood, and just to relax and enjoy each other’s company.

And what better way to do that than proudly adorning ourselves with a glittery cunt? Our fanny-medals to celebrate how intrepid and beautiful we all are!

We’re incredibly proud of all the women who make it through the door to Café V. We know the courage it takes just to show up – a special shout-out to the brilliant woman who flew in from Ireland for this one. Once in the room, everyone is free to engage in any way they want. Some people are happy to simply sit and observe, whilst others get stuck right in (we’ve nurtured some serious glitter addictions). Everyone is welcome at Café V and we will never ask anyone to do anything they feel uncomfortable with. We also have a therapist present in case anyone feels they need extra support.

Next time we are excited to have actor Imogen Butler Cole leading us in some fun and playful activities – sign up here!

Shout out to Renee

Café V would not be possible without the tireless work and boundless love and kindness of the incredible Renee Denyer. She provides the space for us at Sh! Women’s Emporium, comes into work hours early to set up the space, provides delicious treats for all of us, and most importantly has the biggest heart it’s possible to have. She has been present at every Café V and has facilitated many of the sessions. Without Renee, Café V simply would not exist. We love her and we thought you should know that!


Lots of love,


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