The My Body Back Project

We offer cervical screening, contraceptive care, STI testing and maternity care for people who’ve experienced sexual violence.

Appointment Aftercare

The first and most important thing to say is well done for coming to see us. Whatever happened in your appointment, just getting through the door was a huge achievement. We hope that you can recognise the huge steps you have taken in your journey. 

It is natural that after attempting your cervical screening (smear test) you may feel a range of emotions. Many of these feelings will ease by themselves over time. You may also find some of the information in the document below helpful. It contains a big list of resources and tools from grounding and self-care tools, support services, to the books we love- so have a look and pick what is relevant or what works for you.

Whilst this is designed for people who have attended our clinic, we think it will be helpful for many people who are living with the impacts of sexual violence and trauma.