Welcoming our new team member, Ione

We are pleased to announce that the fabulous Ione Wells will be joining our team here at My Body Back Project.


We’re very proud she’ll be joining our team and will be a great asset to the project. Ione will be running quarterly ‘Letters to my Attacker’ workshops with us, where women who have experienced sexual violence will have the chance to write an open letter to their attacker. We know that for many women this will be a chance to say what they have to say, and we want to provide a safe space for this. 

Ione is the perfect person to facilitate these workshops as she wrote a powerful letter to her own attacker earlier this year and started the #NotGuilty campaign against victim blaming. We’re huge fans of the campaign here at My Body Back Project, and are pleased to have her join the team. 
The first ‘Letters to my Attacker’ workshop will run on Saturday September 5th and you can book here: http://www.mybodybackproject.com/events/letters-to-my-attacker-workshop/
We’re looking forward to seeing you there, and a big welcome for Ione!