Volunteer role: Café V Manager

We’re looking for a volunteer to help us run Café V

Café V is a session for women to learn about loving their bodies after violence. These are a safe space for those who attend to talk about enjoying sex again – by themselves or with a partner – and any problems they may be experiencing. Café V is run especially for women who have experienced sexual violence and explores practical ways to connect with the body and physical relaxation techniques. Everybody is welcome and there will be plenty of cakes, teas and a supportive atmosphere. The topics we have previously concentrated on include masturbation, orgasm, fantasies, feelings of guilt around sex, and triggers during sex.

This year we have been funded by LUSH to run Café V across the country, which represents a huge opportunity to spread the impact of our work. Given this huge drive, we are looking for someone who would be able to run the logistics of Café V on a voluntary basis.


  1. Setting up and managing the sessions across the country, including:
    • Liaising with local coordinators in Glasgow, Dublin, Belfast and Cardiff to book space and arrange the content for the meetings.
    • Advertising sessions outside London.
    • Arranging transport for the core team to attend the sessions.
  2. Supporting the development of FGM Café V sessions:
  • Liaise with other project leaders on the development of Café V sessions that are bespoke to the needs of those who have experienced FGM.

3) Developing a resource pack:

  • Manage the creation of a resource pack that gives guidance on best practice of how to run Café V, which will be created in collaboration with the Café V team.

4) Attending monthly catch-ups (by phone or Skype) with core team members to update on progress and highlight areas of concern.

We expect this role to take up no more than one day per week of the volunteer’s time.

Please get in contact with ellie@mybodybackproject.com if you’re interested in applying for the role.