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Here you’ll find reviews on a number of experts who provide advice on sex, women’s sexuality, body image and relationships that are easily accessible through platforms like YouTube.

Reviews will include details on what type of information the expert provides, their level of expertise and audience, length of films and information pages, and recommendations on might be the most useful and enjoyable to watch/read.

The review will also provide a rating from one to five for how useful and enjoyable to the content is.

8 August 2016

The Feminist Porn Guide

For those wanting more information about what feminist porn entails and access to a wealth of feminist porn resources then this site is for you. The Feminist Porn Guide provides lists of recommended directors, sites, and films that caters to all genders and sexualities and depicts every kind of sexual activity, while remaining inclusive, diverse, educational, and very sexy. It even includes a periodic table of feminist porn as well as an article on what constitutes feminist porn!

The site features on films and producers previously recommended by The Clit List, such as Ms Naughty and The Crash Pad series, as well as number of others. Films include a short introduction so viewers can be aware of the content, although The Clit List warns that not all films have full content warnings therefore viewers should be careful to research the film further before viewing if triggering is possible.

30 August 2016

The Clit List is sincerely grateful to the founder and leader of My Body Back – Pavan Amara – for her blog piece on wanking journals. If you too have advice or comments to share with viewers, especially survivors, please email ella@mybodybackproject.com for more details.


Wanking journals are useful in so many ways. And, your vag deserves her own diary.

If you’re one of the millions of women who have experienced sexual violence, then you know, how important it is that your vagina is respected, cared about, and heard. She deserves to get things how she wants things. And that’s where a wanking diary really helps.

Vagina’s react to things: to stress, to the weather, to food, to tiredness, to music, the list is endless. For example, ever noticed you’re too tense to masturbate after a rough day at work? Or, how you feel like going to sleep after eating too much, rather than having sex. A lot of women find their pelvic floor muscles relax in hot weather or after a hot shower, and others find they have better sex when they’re tired because they’re less high-alert and their muscles are more relaxed. Your individual vagina will have her own way. Once you start noticing her feelings throughout the week and recording the possible causes, you may notice patterns. Things might surprise you. You can record the best masturbation techniques, lubes, any images, videos, dirty thoughts that particularly worked for you.

The main thing is to make it fun, and to make your wanking diary completely your own. It can be colourful, stickered up, very plain, whatever you want. It’s written evidence that your fanny is your own. She has her own mind. If you’ve ever been sexually assaulted, you will get why this means so much. Start noticing what makes her light up, and the things that make her day. Knowing all of this will help you plan better, brighter wanking sessions.

The patriarchy tells you to keep a man happy…forget all that. All you have to do is keep her downstairs happy. Romance her, treat her right, think about what she wants and make sure she gets it. This is the one you need to think about impressing. SHE WILL GIVE YOU ORGASMS. She will put a smile on your face. She will make you so content in your life.

So – this is why a wanking diary could be useful. Go and get one!

23 August 2016

Better Sex Ed

By Keeley & Nikita

Better Sex Ed is a website that provides a number of articles about sex and relationships for both women and men. It is managed by Keeley & Nikita, both psychologists, as well as number of guest contributors who provide online advice on a range of topics such as sex including subcultures and fetishes, relationships, dating, porn and STDs. Their site also includes specific sex tips for queer and straight women and often has short videos of around 5 minutes as well as articles on topics of interest. Their voices are interesting and sometimes challenging, therefore providing a refreshing, different but well educated perspective on sex and related topics.Some recommended posts include:

11 August 2016


For grown ass people

By Adina Rivers

Rivers is a woman with a mission to empower people on the topics of intimate health and beauty, conscious sexuality and relationships, and self love, dealing with the sex and health questions that others tend to avoid. Her voice is refreshing, drawing on her own experiences with sex and relationships in order to provide advice and develop people’s understanding of sacred intimacy. Her website also includes a shop where viewers are able to buy sex products that she endorses and she also produces a broad range of youtube content. The Clit List is happy to recommend Rivers for her unique perspective on health, relationships and sex, and suggests the following articles as a starting point:

7 August 2016

Orgasmic Awareness- Tantric Masturbation For Women!

By Devi Ward

Devi Ward is an internationally recognised Tantra Expert and survivor who provides experienced-based information to help women feel safe as they explore cultural programming and transform their relationships with their body and sexuality. Her website includes a number of useful resources including podcasts on healing vaginal pain during intercourse and articles on clitoral orgasms. However today we are featuring her article “Orgasmic Awareness- Tantric Masturbation For Women!”. This article provides an excellent half hour exercise for women to improve self-pleasure, reengage with their bodies and sexuality, and finally reach climax. It takes you through a range of steps including breathing practices, touching and then orgasm. The Clit List recommends this article for anyone wishing to learn more about tantric practice, for anyone who has difficulty reaching climax or self-pleasuring, or would like to use masturbation as a form of meditation and sexual healing.

12 July 2016

Society for Human Sexuality 

The Society for Human Sexuality developed from a student advocacy organisation at the University of Washington in the late 1990s to address a growing need for accurate and empowering information about sexual health and sexuality. Although the website is focused on American resources and is no longer actively maintained, with the last new document added in 2007, the website still provides a range of interesting resources for women looking for advice on improving their sexual experience, sexual ethics and politics, and sexual networks.

For example, it provides a uniquely informative and descriptive guide on Toys for Womenguides of how to select erotic videos with some recommendations, having safer sex and tips for a range of sexual acts including anal sex, erotic massage, dancing, female ejaculation, BDSM, g-spot stimulation, masturbation, multiple orgasms, ageing and sexual positions etc. Furthermore, there are a number of expert transcripts available on interesting topics such as Tantra, sex activismwomen’s orgasms and sex work in the 1990s .

This website is recommended by TCL as a good wholesome overview of a number of basic but interesting topics related to sex and sexuality for those wanting to find tips, tricks and seek out accurate sex information.

Stars: ***

13 June 2016

Layla Martin

Layla Martin is the creator of The Sexy Revolution – a space that empowers especially women to embrace their sexuality, connect with and love their bodies, and pleasurably heal from sexual trauma and abuse.

After studying sexuality at Stanford University she moved to South East Asia to study with tantric masters for seven years. Today Layla has an audience of over 90,000 and has been featured in places such as the Huffington Post and Women’s Health Magazine for her teachings.

While she provides teachings on a range of platforms, the primary place you can find her work is YouTube and Facebook for clips of around 3 to 10 minutes. Videos focus on simple steps that women can take to improve their sexual experience and feel comfortable in their bodies, such as how to love your pussy and breasts; how to orgasm during intercourse; how to deal with sexual shame; and how to be real with your partner in bed. She also provides some basic instructions on Tantra and specific sexual activities such as kissing, flirting, BDSM for beginners etc.

Highly recommended videos include:





Stars: ****

13 June 2016

Laci Green

Laci Green is a sex education activist living who launched her YouTube Channel, Sex +, in response to a lack comprehensive sex education in the US with the aim to promote healthy, realistic attitudes about sexuality.

The channel publishes biweekly videos with over one million subscribers and resulted in Laci working with over 100 different organisations on sexual health and sexual violence prevention.

For those looking for some great new tips on sex, sexuality, and sexual health – Laci has bits for all. However for those looking for a wider range of topics Laci also produces a number of interesting videos of feminism, LGBT, relationships and self-esteem.

She is especially open, funny and knowledgeable although tends to provide more sexual health focused videos then sex tips, so is highly recommended for those looking more for health information rather than sex advice.

Videos include:




Stars: ***