Thank you for attending our last Cafe V session

We’ve had a busy week at My Body Back Project. We had our regular Cafe V session just over a week ago. We had to cut down the number of spaces available this month, but we are trying our best to run them as regularly as possible.

Our next Cafe V session will be on Saturday 25th July and will focus on positive body image after experiencing sexual assault. We will be announcing details later this week and you’ll be able to book on the website then.

A big thank you to Sh! Women’s Store as usual, who are incredibly kind to us and let us use their space, provide the tea and cakes, and are generally really brilliant.

We’d like to make it clear that our project is run only for women who have experienced sexual assault, this includes all the Cafe V sessions. Considering that we have a waiting list for our sessions, please don’t book if sexual assault is not something you have experienced – there are women who have experienced this who would really benefit from a space in our workshops. Sh! runs plenty of great events that focus on sex and positive body image for women generally, so please do go to these instead.