After every session, we hand out feedback forms and ask students if they have any comments or suggestions to offer. Here are just a few of the quotes we’re very proud of.


MBBS Students, University of Cambridge (2015 and 2016)


“This just needs to be part of the curriculum & heard by everyone!”

“This should be available to all years! It is a topic that is criminally under taught in our Clinical School and requires greater exposure.”

“Thank you for sharing your experience with us and highlighting the importance of just being a bit more tactful and sensitive in practice.”

“I have been in the situation of talking to a patient disclosing her experience of sexual violence for the first time. Now if it happens again I will know (a little better) what to do and say. Thank you!”

“All students and doctors should hear this!”

“The school should make this part of mandatory Obs & Gynae training.”

MBBS & Global Health students – Barts/QMUL

“Thank you so much! It’s made me feel more confident in talking about sexual violence with survivors.”

“Thank you, a topic not discussed openly and honestly enough. Was great to see it discussed in this way.”

“Super interesting talk – will definitely be useful in clinical practice. I now feel more comfortable approaching the topic in practice.”

“You should work with the medical school!!”

We also ask our students, which topics or aspects of the workshop they found most interesting or useful. Here’s what some of them have told us.

“Hearing about the experiences of real women and insight into what they’re going through.”

“The practical exercise – what to say and what not to say.”

“Hearing about trigger phrases and what to say instead.”

“Where we were all able to share our experiences with patients who have experienced SV and talk as a group with the team.”

“Aspects of language use.”

“Prevalence of sexual violence and the effect on women seeking healthcare.”

“Explanations of studies, their merits and pitfalls and, most importantly, an explanation of research definitions and terminology!”

“The narratives of patients’ fears around smear-testing and childbirth.”

“The helpful and practical ways to address and overcome problems.”

“The effects of sexual violence in clinical settings.”

Jane Moore, Oxford University

It was great to have Charli attend our team meeting and help us think how best to reflect the expertise developed by My Body Back into our teaching sessions. She was helpful, clear and positive about actions we could take. By working so carefully with women who have been assaulted, the team has obviously identified really important and practical things that clinicians who perform vaginal examinations can easily incorporate into their routine clinical practice in order to support women. She gave us really helpful pointers which we will certainly try to make the norm for all women.