Photography & Art

Here we’ll focus on erotic art and photography that captures the beauty and mystery of women’s sexuality, for those looking for a visual aid to their pleasure.

Our reviews will explain what the art or photography is focused on, trigger warnings and a description of what takes place within the images.

We’ll also provide a  rating from one to five for how explicit the content is.

20 September 2016

Igor Amelkovich

Amelkovich is a self-taught Russian photographer (who has won a number of prestigious awards) with two interests – landscapes and nude/erotic images. His nude photography is exceptional, in black and white film and focused on displaying women in their most beautiful and radiant form, although admittedly his subjects are models so bring a standardised body shape and style. Since all of his nude photography is focused on women, couple and sexual positions are not included. However, while not explicitly sexual, his photos are erotic, intriguing and many even evoke BDSM themes including bondage.

Explicit rating: **

8 August 2016

Here The Clit List we aim to cater to the wide range of interests, sexualities and sexual activities that our viewers might be interested in. If you have any suggestions or recommendations about how we can improve our site or better cater to different desires, we welcome and encourage you to contact Ella with your input at 

Berg’s Queer Foot Porn

Interested in exploring your possible desire of feet or have a fully developed foot fetish? This is the website for you!

According to Berg’s Queer Foot Porn’s own stated mission – they strive to assist women to gain self-knowledge of sexual pleasure and desire; empower women to pursue and enjoy satisfying sexual experiences; and inversely, to refuse sexual activities that exploit women’s bodies or do not enhance quality of life. The way that it achieves this mission is to provide a range of photo galleries, including guest pictures, of feet. It also provides a discussion forum for questions related to feet and foot fetishes as well as referrals to other sites.

Explicit rating: *

30 August 2016

My Geek Goddess

The Clit List is thankful to a viewer who recommended My Geek Goddess. The Clit List welcomes and encourages your input to the site, so if you would also like to provide a review or recommendation to The Clit List, please email for more details.

My Geek Goddess is a geeky alternative nude pinup site with a cosplay focus co-owned by Oracle and Jessica Nova (100% woman owned!). Their goal is to prove that Nerds and Geeks aren’t just smart, but are also beautiful, powerful and sexy. All the Goddesses featured on the site are actual nerd and/or geek girls who like to play with costumes, with a large number also being queer and therefore catering well to a range of audiences. While the site is currently limited to women and gender fluid folks, it expects to expand to include men in the near future.

The site is well designed so that viewers can follow particular goddesses that they are interested in, to view all their sets, or through galleries of set images. There are also blogs for each of the goddesses as well as forums for general discussion with viewers. Geek Goddess memberships are subscription based and therefore cost $9.95 a month. Purchasing a subscription will give you access to all of the existing photosets, forums and all new photosets that are uploaded regularly. The Clit List highly recommends this site for anyone looking for a pro-women cosplay site!

Explicit rating: ****

7 August 2016


Sperohh (pronounced Spear-oh) is a bold, bald, badass woman of colour alternative model from the United States. Her resume is a long one, having been shot by many famous photographers and featured in a long list of magazines. Her works range from high fashion, to sexy, and down right kinky – yet always classy, beautiful and edgy. Her website is a pleasure browse with catalogue shotsmagazine featuresart and nudes. Her website also includes her own photography as well as shots featuring her with a range of other female models. The Clit List highly recommends Sperohh’s works for anyone out there looking for interesting and cutting edge alternative photography with a sexy twist!

Explicit rating: **

1 August 2016


By Sophia Wallace

Wallace is an American conceptual artist and photographer that is best known for her project CLITERACY  which investigates body rights, gender, citizenship and sexuality through various media including installations, sculpture, and performance including the ‘Clit Rodeo’. Wallace has also produced a video on her work ‘CLITERACY: 100 Natural Lawsthat can be viewed on vimeo.

While Wallace does not produce erotic content, The Clit List has featured her work as it effectively addresses the paradox of global sexualisation of female bodies and illiteracy with female sexuality. In particular it comments the gamete of information regarding women’s sexuality and bodies, focusing on the clitoris, including evolving scientific information on the topic, psychoanalysis, female genital mutilation, architecture, religion, virginity myths, and porn culture.

Sophia Wallace was kindly recommended to The Clit List by one of our viewers. If you too have comments or suggestions for The Clit List, please contact

Explicit rating: *

24 July 2016

Joan Semmel

Joan Semmel is an American painter and writer that is well known for large-scale nude paintings as seen from her own perspective, her erotic series of heterosexual couples having sex, as well as her study of women’s bodies and sexuality throughout the aging process. In fact, her unique depiction of the female nude was proclaimed in the 1970s as a leading (First-wave) feminist approach to painting. Generally her art focuses on female identity and sexual expression, and are widely noted for their celebration of colour and flesh. The Clit List recommends Semmel’s art to those looking for a vivid expression of cis sex as well as women’s sexual experience and identity including the beauty and grace in ageing.

Explicit rating: **

10 July 2016

Eye candy: Best of Babes (Violet Blue)

Violet Blue is an author, editor and journalist on sexuality, as well as a number of other issues such as hacking and privacy, and is known for being outspoken and controversial. Her blog Open Source Sex provides a range of female-friendly content for any interested viewers. This includes literature, erotic art, fashion, links to pornography and in-depth discussions regarding sex and the porn industry.

She also provides a regular update on pornographic photography called ‘Eye Candy’. This weeks review is on a recent eye candy update ‘Best of Babes‘. This feature includes women of various ethnic backgrounds posing in sexual positions. Two of the photos also focus on lesbian content. All photos also include links to porn sites which the viewer can access to see more of the women if they desire. Great link for those looking of beautiful sexy photos of women in sexual but empowered positions.

Explicit rating: **

The rest of this porn website may include triggering content.

19 June 2016

Patricia Cronin’s Erotic Watercolors

Patricia Cronin is an American artist that gained fame in the mid-90s due to her series “Erotic Watercolors” that depict sexual acts performed between her and her partners, painted from her perspective. The beautiful paintings and Polaroids project fluidity and love, giving a personal voice to the very intimate experience while simultaneously trying to depict lesbian and feminist subjects truly and accurately in her art. The viewer can expect primarily paintings of women’s body parts (albeit not faces) in a non-obtrusive and body positive light.

Explicit rating: **

13 June 2016

Bettina Rheims

Bettina Rheims is a French art and fashion photographer that is well known for her erotic illustration of women. Rheims rose into fame in mid-1970s with her images of acrobats and strip-tease artists and has since been employed by a number of well-known fashion labels such as Elle and Marie Claire.

While her photographs portray women’s sexuality, they are not objectifying, focusing instead on hinting at the rich hidden lives of her subjects. They come highly recommended for those looking for photography of women with an elegant but sexy edge. Note that the photographs do not depict sexual acts, only the beauty and mystery that is the woman’s body.

Some of her photos can be found here:




Cultura Inquieta 

Explicit rating: **

13 June 2016


For those looking for something a little different and very modern – Canadian born Jean Francois Painchaud, also known as ‘Phazed’, is your artist!

Jean Francois has been posting erotic art on social networks since 2013 however it was only once Facebook banned some of his illustrations that his fame rose through other media sites such as Tumblr and Instagram. Since then he has been posting is art – namely erotic GIFs – primarily on his Tumblr account. GIFs and illustrations focus primarily on sexual interactions between cis couples although some illustrate single women alone. Recommended for those looking for cis images with small movements, but not full movies or videos.

Trigger warning: some depict use of illegal substances

Explicit rating: ***

13 June 2016

Katsushika Hokusai

Katsushika Hokusai (1760-1849) was a Japanese artist, ukiyo-e painter and printmaker of the Edo period. His seminal piece ‘The dream of a fisherman’s wife’ was created in 1820 from wood block pieces and depicts a woman enveloped in the arms of two octopuses, one performing cunnilingus and the smaller one fondling her mouth and left nipple.

However Hokusai has also created a number of other works focusing on sexual acts between men and women in almost a karma sutra style. Recommended for those looking for very beautiful cis art that depicts sex in the Japanese style.

Hokusai’s Erotic art only

Hokusai’s wider works

Explicit rating: ****