Our workshops

Through our work over the last few years, we’ve discovered that specialist sexual violence (SV) training for trainee and practicing health professionals is pretty sparse.

That’s why we’ve designed a series of high quality workshops, ready to be delivered to health professionals at all stages of their career. We can adapt these workshops to run from as long as an hour up to a whole day, depending on your requirements.

By the end of the workshops, participants should be able to:

  • Recall relevant information regarding;
    • the prevalence of SV
    • victim/perpetrator identities
    • patterns of disclosure and what to do if someone discloses their experience
  • List the primary and secondary health consequences of SV
  • Understand different women’s experience in the health care setting after experiencing SV
  • Understand which phrases to avoid and which to use when treating patients who have experienced SV, and the principles of engendering trust with patients who have experienced SV.
  • Recall the relevant care pathways and specialist local and national services available to patients who have experienced SV.

We’re also open to creating bespoke workshops for you, if you have specific training requirements.

Just to let you know, we’re an organisation that’s currently without core funding, which means we will require remuneration for our time and travel expenses.

Interested? Just get in touch and we’ll talk over your requirements.