Notes of Love

Are you a university or sixth form feminist society? If so, please consider fundraising for My Body Back through our Notes of Love campaign!


What is Notes of Love?

Since 2015, MBB has gathered thousands of supportive and loving messages—Notes of Love— from the public, all written to those who have experienced sexual violence.

All these wonderful messages of empathy, compassion and kindness are displayed at our clinics, workshops and specialist women’s services across the UK.

When someone enters a centre, they see our Notes of Love. When they leave, they are invited to choose a note and take it with them, for whenever they feel the need for support. However vulnerable or alone they may feel, we want people to have a visual reminder that there are others sending solidarity, understanding and love their way.


What can you do?

If you are a university, sixth form feminist society or women’s group, you could host a Notes of Love event to fundraise for MBB.

Your society will invite peers and fellow students to write a Note of Love and donate to MBB’s efforts to support people who have experienced sexual assault. Your powerful messages of empathy, strength and kindness will be sent to people accessing MBB’s services and Rape Crisis Centres across the UK. 100% of the money you raise from the event will go towards MBB’s monthly sexual health and maternity clinics and workshops. These donations help empower people who have experienced sexual violence, supporting them to connect with their bodies, health and sexuality after assault.


How will your society benefit?

By joining Notes of Love, your society will be contributing to a national campaign supporting people who have experienced sexual assault.

In return for your kind messages and incredibly helpful donations, MBB can offer your society a token of our appreciation. MBB will give your society social media shout-outs on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to highlight your hard work and dedication to the cause. Additionally, MBB offers a volunteer certificate—featuring your society’s name and details— to celebrate and reward your society for its charitable efforts.


How to do it

Ready to host a Notes of Love event? Here are some tips and tricks for hosting a Notes of Love event and fundraising for MBB.

  • Set a goal: what is your target fundraising goal? If you get close to reaching it, you can increase it! (If people think you are close to meeting your target they may not donate the £20 they were going to, if you are only £10 off your goal).
  • For the event, you’ll need a venue. Book a space in your university that is visible—somewhere that students will wander by and be able to stop. Maybe if it’s nice weather, you can set up a table in a main section of campus. If it’s a cooler day, set up shop in the student union, or even a pub if it’s an evening event!
  • Next, you’ll need materials. Notes of Love doesn’t require much—you’ll need some colorful paper (some people like to cut these into heart shapes), markers, pens, or anything you’d enjoy colouring or writing with. See our Instagram for inspiration of sayings, phrases, or quotes to go onto your notes.
  • Have a visually appealing box or bucket to collect donations in, and another to collect all the notes in.
  • Make it fun! Play uplifting music, bring sweets or tea—anything you think will attract your fellow students to come write a note and donate to the cause.
  • Take pictures for social media: we will re-tweet and re-post your images on our Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram accounts to thank your society for your help in supporting MBB.
  • Feel free to contact alumni, family and friends outside of your university to support or donate to your event. Ask alumni if they will provide a match-giving-scheme, where if you raise £10, they’ll match you another £10 (just an example).
  • Don’t forget to thank your donors! Let them know their donation has been noticed and appreciated.


How to get involved

Join our growing list of partner universities and bring the Notes of Love campaign to your university or sixth form. Email if you are interested in throwing a Notes of Love party, and fundraising for MBB.

Tweet your own Note of Love to @mybodybackproj using the hash tag #NotesofLove. You can also email your message to and we’ll write it out for you and add it to our collection.

Follow us on Instagram and share the campaign’s posts with your friends and followers.

Collect your own Notes of Love at your next event, meeting or gathering.

Email Carolyn at with your ideas on how you’d like to take part and for more details on how to get involved.


Other creative campaign ideas

MBB encourages all kinds of fundraising efforts. If Notes of Love isn’t for you, try a different event.

How about a bake sale? We’ve had societies and sports teams in the past create and sell body-positivity calendars to fundraise for us. Anything that you feel passionate about, we will support!

Any questions? Email Carolyn at with any queries, comments, or ideas for Notes of Love.