Notes of Love

What is the Notes of Love campaign?

At the Women of the World Festival 2015 we launched our first ever campaign: Notes of Love. We’re gathering thousands of supportive and loving messages from the public, all written to women who have experienced sexual violence.

All these wonderful messages of empathy, compassion and kindness will be displayed at our clinic, workshops and specialist women’s services across the UK.

When women enter the centres, they’ll see our Notes of Love. When they leave, they’ll be invited to choose a note and take it with them, for whenever they feel the need for support. However vulnerable or alone they may feel, we want women to have a visual reminder that there are other women sending solidarity, understanding and love their way.


How to get involved

Tweet your own Note of Love to @mybodybackproj using the hash tag #NotesOfLove. You can also email us your message to and we’ll write it out and add it to our collection.

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Collect your own Notes of Love at your next event, meeting or gathering. Email with your ideas and more details on how to start.

Join the campaign. are you part of a university feminist or women’s group? Join our growing list of partner universities and bring the Notes of Love campaign to your university. Contact Laura on with your ideas on how you’d like to take part and for more details on how to get involved.