Misrepresentation of MBB in The Catholic Herald

We’re sorry to say that The Catholic Herald has quite seriously misunderstood our work in an article.

The publication refers to us as a pro-life charity. We’d like everyone to know that we’re absolutely and unequivocally a pro-choice, feminist organisation. We are not in any way a pro-life charity, nor are we linked to the pro-life movement.

Neither is our service specifically created for women who are pregnant as a result of rape – we are open to all women who have experienced sexual assault at any time after their experience. Our sole responsibility as an organisation is to provide the best possible service for women who have experienced sexual violence. We care deeply for the women who come to us and will always work incredibly hard to meet their needs.

It’s not uncommon for some of our service users to choose to have an abortion, where they feel this is the right decision for them. We are wholly in support of this. Our clinicians, staff, and volunteers will always be on the side of the women we support, we will always stand by them in any decision they feel is right for them and in exploring all their options.

We believe in women having total control of their bodies and all decisions related to their health. We hope this announcement clarifies our position and will be requesting a clear retraction from The Catholic Herald.