MBB Tips & Tricks

We’ve created a series of quarterly workshops for women and trans men who’ve experienced sexual violence. At these workshops, we’ll discuss how you feel about accessing healthcare and give you practical advice on how to feel in control when accessing invasive or potentially triggering healthcare procedures, which many people find difficult.

It’ll be a small group of 15, run by two healthcare professionals, a psychologist or counsellor and a MBB facilitator to take care of everyone.

We’ll talk about things like:

  • Cervical screening (smear tests)
  • IUD/IUS fittings
  • Vaginal examinations
  • Sexual dysfunction following sexual violence
  • Disclosing to a healthcare professional, e.g. Do you need to disclose? Who do you disclose to? Will it be recorded? Will you be forced to go to the police? Can your medical records be used in court if you choose to prosecute at a later date?
  • Colposcopy procedures

There’ll also be plenty of tea and a warm, welcoming atmosphere to help you feel at ease. We hope you’ll join us!

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