MBB Maternity Clinic: How to find us

The MBB Maternity Clinic is at:

The Royal London Hospital
Whitechapel Road
E1 1BB

Walking directions

To make it a little easier to find us, here are step by step walking instructions from Whitechapel Tube Station for you. Whitechapel tube station is on the Hammersmith & City and District lines. It usually takes five minutes to walk from Whitechapel tube to our clinic, but in case you get lost (or the lifts in the building are slow), please leave yourself plenty of time to find us!

– When you get to the exit at Whitechapel tube station, turn right. You will go down a flight of steps and pass Azeem Hairdressers and Zam Zam Gift Shop. You will see a pedestrian crossing in front of you.

– This pedestrian crossing will take you across Whitechapel Road. When you’ve crossed over the road, turn left. Continue walking down Whitechapel Road.

– You will walk past a bike rack, a bus stop, and then another bike rack. After two minutes, you will see a red telephone box on the pavement.

– When you reach the red telephone box, turn right.

– You will see the bright red Emergency Department heading of the Royal London Hospital. Walk towards this.

– To the right of the Emergency Department, you will also see Renal and Urology and Children and Women’s Centre.

– Go through the revolving doors of the Children and Women’s Centre. Once you’ve come through this revolving door you will see a sign saying Lift Bank 9 right in front of you. Go to this lift bank.

– When you get there, press the button for Floor 8. It will then light up with a green box, telling you which lift to take (it will either be Lift A or B).

– After getting out of the lift on the 8th floor, head straight through the double doors into the Gynaecology clinic, where a volunteer will meet you.

Running late? Just email Friya at bookings@mybodybackproject.com.