MBB Clinic Glasgow – Everything you need to know

Our Glasgow Clinic – everything you need to know

Thank you for coming to see us at the MBB West of Scotland Service. We’re hoping that we can make your experience as comfortable as possible. Firstly, it’s important that you know that throughout the process you will be in control and we will take everything at your pace. There is no pressure to have a cervical smear test during the first appointment. If you feel up to it that’s fine, but if you don’t that’s fine too.

The ethos of our clinic is that – it is every woman’s right to care for her body and health. We know it can be difficult to express what you need during cervical screening, and that’s why we’re here to help with that. We are there to support you and meet your needs. It is your body, and we are simply there to ensure that it is as healthy as possible. Our clinic is within Sandyford sexual health services, Glasgow and staffed only by women. Staff are aware of the effects of sexual violence and we can work with you to make sure that cervical screening happens on your terms, and in the way you choose.

Here is guide explaining what happens on the day you visit us.

Before you come to visit

Think about what makes you feel comfortable and relaxed. It could be anything from your favourite sweatshirt, your favourite music, or a cup of tea. Once you know, have a think about how we can incorporate this into your visit and let us know.

For example, if you have a favourite item of clothing you could wear it to your appointment. You are welcome to bring your own music and headphones to listen to during your appointment. Please do let us know what type of tea or coffee you like, we will have cake and there will be a selection of magazines and newspapers – if there’s anything else you can think of, please let us know.

Finding us

Please come to the main entrance of the Sandyford clinic, 2-6 Sandyford Place, Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow, G3 7NB. Here’s a map for you.

If you can, please leave plenty of time for finding us. This way you will arrive far more relaxed and less stressed!

When you arrive

When you arrive, please tell reception staff you are here for the MBB service. Someone will show you through to our waiting room, where we provide tea and coffee. You can then come in and have a chat with your support worker. Here, we can discuss what would make you most comfortable. For example, some women do not want the clinician to use particular phrases during screening, do not want to be touched on certain areas of their body, or do not want to be asked certain questions – we will make sure all these needs are catered to. Likewise, there may be certain things you do want. For example, you may want the clinician to tell you exactly what she is doing throughout the process, you can think of a sign so the clinician knows you want to stop the session immediately, you may want to pause or take a break to listen to music during the session. It’s also perfectly ok to feel emotional – we understand that, and you don’t have to apologise for it. The opposite is true too. Some women prefer to cut off completely during the session, and that’s also ok.

We will discuss relaxation and breathing techniques to see if this could help you with the examination. The clinic is about tailoring things so they are right for you. You are in control throughout the whole process and we are there to support you.

Once you and your support worker have finished, they will speak to the clinical staff to make sure they know what your needs are. . You can also have a chat with the nurse or doctor before you decide whether to go ahead with the smear at that visit.

The clinician will ask you some questions about your health, relevant to taking your smear. We will make sure everything goes at your pace and do everything in the way you have requested. Please don’t feel under pressure to have the whole smear taken immediately. It is fine if you want to stop halfway – we will stop.

After your session

You are welcome to stay in our waiting area and help yourself to more tea and magazines/newspapers. You don’t have to leave straight after your appointment, only when you feel ready to.

If you need to book another session with us we can do that for you.

Once you have had your smear, this is sent to the Scottish Cytology laboratory who will send the results to your GP and arrange a letter to come out to your correspondence address.

If your results are normal then we will see you in a few years for your next smear! , If you require further examination (colposcopy)we will refer you to your local service.

More information about the cervical screening programme and results

Any questions, just ask us.

After attending your session with us, please do something nice for yourself! We know that for many women, it’s difficult to even get to the stage of booking their cervical smear test – so please be proud for booking, attending, and looking after yourself in the way you deserve. Please let us know at any stage if you have any ideas for how we can improve our service. We’d love to hear from you.