Looking for women to speak anonymously about their experiences of forensic testing

Since starting My Body Back Project in August, many of the women we have worked with have told us how difficult they found forensic exams after sexual assault.

Due to the number of women who have said this, we want to be able to change things for the better – and the only way we can start to do this, is by hearing the voices and opinions of people who have experienced this.

We would love to speak to those of you who have experienced forensic testing, about how you found it and what you would like to see changed about the process. It’s fine if you want to be anonymous, the main thing is that you get your views heard. We’re lucky enough to have met some brilliant professionals in the police force who can help us make changes, but we need people to step forward and tell us what they would like to see changed. We hope that by doing this, your voice can make forensic examinations a less gruelling process for people in future.

If you’d be happy to have a chat, please email info@mybodybackproject.com We would love to hear from you!