Long films

Here you’ll find reviews of extended erotic films of over 30 minutes for those who feel like sitting back and watching something to really relax and enjoy themselves.

Our reviews will outline the duration of the film, any necessary trigger warnings, a description of what acts take place and what language is used at what point within the movie, as well as some comments on what the viewer can expect.

We’ll also provide a rating of how explicit the content is.

23 August 2016

(S)he comes

By Petra Joy

The Clit List is happy to recommend this well made film focused on womens’ orgasms produced by Petra Joy. It can be rented off PinkLabel for two days for a price of $9.95.

The first scenes follow a F/M couple after fitness training. They first pleasure each other using their hands and months, until they engage at intercourse at 19:00 with her then him on top and finally from behind. At 26:00 she ties his hands above his head until climax at 29:00. Their passion is palpable as well as the joy and fun they have in pleasuring one another. Thus although their consent is not verbally explicit, like other scenes in this movie their desire for one another is evident.

The second scene at 30:30 follows a man in a fishnet outfit with red suspenders and top hat as he spends times exploring his body and masturbating. He uses a number of toys and his own tongue leading to ejaculation at 35:45.

The third scene follows an older F/M couple in 1920s style. He takes his time to undress her, slowly taking off her stockings, sucking her toes, knees and then intimate parts. He then massages her chest as she undresses her, and carries her to the bed at 43:00. At 45:00 the couple engage in cunnilingus, fellatio at 50:00, and then intercourse with he onto top at 51:00, leading to climax at 53:00.

The fourth scene has a F/M couple enter a sex shop late in the evening, where they try a number of products with the advice of the F shopkeeper. The couple firstly tries on some sexy clothes (the man some sexy bright red heeled boots) before being lead to a private room. The shopkeeper undresses and masturbates at 58:30 while she watches the man touch the woman’s intimate parts at 1:00:00. She joins the couple at 1:00:01, with some light three-way kissing and foreplay, leading to duel cunnilingus at 1:03:30 and then intercourse in a number of positions and with toys until the end of the film.

Duration: 1:21:58

Explicit rating: ****

2 August 2016

The Fantasy Project

By Miss Naughty

This PinkLabel mostly CIS-focused film is based around Kate Eden, a researcher that is developing a book on female sexual experience, who interviews a number of women about their sexual fantasies. Although there is no specific moment of verbal consent during the fantasies, the film explores the women’s thoughts and feelings who highly desire their partner’s actions.

The first is a woman who fantasies about having a massage at a luxury resort, which evolves into foreplay at 9:50, and then with a vibrator at 11:00 reaching climax at 13:20 and then 15:00.

The second scene is about a woman’s fantasy of having a threesome with her husband and their friend Josh. It begins with some light kissing and touching, before moving onto cunnilingus at 18:40. At 20:00 the men also kiss and the woman is turned on to find out that she is not the only one who desires Josh. At 22:35 the film moves onto a range of sexual positions, always focused on what will most pleasure the woman, including but not limited to Josh giving her husband fellatio while he eats out his wife at 23:50 and both men providing cunnilingus at the same time at 26:30.

The third woman is taken by her husband to a dark place where she is blindfolded and touched by a number of people at 31:30. She is collared and taken doggy style by a man in a mask at 34:00 and then in the missionary position by a third man at 36:00. At 38:20 a woman penetrates her with a strap-on dildo as her husband rubs her clit. The scene finishes with the woman masturbating to climax at 41:00 to 43:30 while all participants watch. Note that although the woman indicates that she wants what occurs, The Clit List provides a strong trigger warning for this section as it includes ‘consensual nonconsent’ and BSDM themes.

The fourth fantasy at 45:00 is about a woman’s magic room that exists only for her pleasure. She rings a bell and a mostly naked man enters to pour her champagne and feed her ice-cream. She undresses at 48:00 and has the man eat the ice-cream off her breast, message her body and then at 51:50 provide cunnilingus. She then has the man use a dildo and wand on her at 54:30 leading to her second climax at 57:00. Finally at 57:50 she rides the man cowgirl style until 1:00:00.

However Kate is having troubles in her own relationship including a lack of sex. At the end of the movie she discovers her partner reading the fantasies stored on her computer, and it turns her on. This leads her to provide fellatio at 1:04:00, cunnilingus returned at 1:06:30, and then passionate sex at 1:00:09, both cowgirl and then missionary.

The film can be hired for 2 days from PinkLabel for a cost of $9.95, a small cost for this diverse and very well produced film. Strongly recommended for those with various tastes and an interest in exploring various fantasies focused on the woman’s pleasure.

Trigger warning: ‘consensual nonconsent’, humiliation, BDSM at 31:30 to 44:30

Duration: 1:14:17

Explicit Rating: ****

21 July 2016

The Crash Pad Series

By Pink & White Productions

Here at The Clit List we are very excited to recommend the The Crash Pad Series – a female-focused queer porn site where performers self-cast, write their own scripts, and have the kind of sex they’d like to have with camera crews documenting. It is a project of Pink & White Productions which is a queer woman of colour owned/operated company that creates projects celebrating diverse LGBTQ sexuality, inclusive of people of size, people with disabilities, and people of ages and background not often seen as sexual, depicted in a respectful way.

The website comes fairly cheap at $9.99 a month for a year membership, and is very very worth it! It caters to the vast range of sexual interests and includes episodes as well as films generally half an hour or more. Viewers can search for particular movies via their interests or performers, all content is created with a truly female focus and is very sexy! There are also live steams for those wanting more information about how the movies are filmed, Behind the Scenes videos where performers talk about their experiences and thoughts about the shoot, as well as a number of YouTube clips where performers talk Safer Sex.

Our advice is that, even though most scenes show enthusiastic verbal consent and some role-play scenes scripted by performers that exhibit ‘consensual nonconsent’ have content warnings, that viewers untoggle the ‘rough sex’ icon if they feel they might be triggered. Otherwise we hope that you enjoy this wonderful site!

Explicit Rating: ****

10 July 2016

The Duke of Burgundy (2014)

Power dynamics and raw human desire are the focus of Peter Strickland’s erotic feature-length drama. Cynthia is an older woman who studies lepidoptera (moths and butterflies), and Evelyn is her maid, understudy, and lover. The couple engage in a series of sensual rituals of dominance and submission in this lesbian master and slave relationship.

At the beginning of the movie Cynthia is portrayed in a particularly cruel light towards Evelyn. However, as the movie progresses, we learn that Evelyn is in fact a submissive by choice and is the careful architect in her own punishments and submissive acts. Tensions arise when Cynthia’s desires change, and her power over her lover becomes a strained performance to satisfy Evelyn. The movie is shot in a beautifully artistic style reminiscent of a Flemish painting with a melancholic soundtrack that compliments the sexual acts performed throughout, the most graphic at 17:30, 22:20, 30:00, 32:30, 39:30.

Trigger warning: bondage, confinement, submission and dominance

Duration: 1:44:24

Explicit Rating: ***

19 June 2016

Shortbus (2006)

John Cameron Mitchell’s film “Shortbus” explores the themes love, sex and desire. The storyline weaves together three storylines: (1) The happily married couple Rob and Sophia, except that Sophia is a sex therapist that has never experienced sexual climax; (2) Jamie and James, a couple looking to open up their relationship to include a young man name Ceth; and (3) Severin, a lonely professional dominatrix. Seeking emotional connection and sexual release, the characters’ paths converge at Shortbus – an infamous underground sex salon.

Sex is distributed throughout the movie and is unsimulated, showing real penetration, masturbation, ejaculation, orgies, voyeurism, and more. Sexual acts are performed between CIS and LGBT couples. However, the eroticism doesn’t distract the viewer from the movie’s deep emotional themes, which makes the depiction of sex authentic and nuanced.

Trigger warnings:

  • The film includes images of BDSM acts including whipping and collars, within the first 6 minutes and then sparsely throughout the rest of the film.
  • 1:11:00 there is an attempted suicide scene.

Duration: 1:41:24

Explicit rating: *****

13 June 2016

Beautiful Girls

This threesome (FFM) film jumps right in with sensual kissing between F&M and then F&F. At 2:30 the women use their mouths to gently pleasure the man’s member. The movie then quickly moves on at 4:10 with the women touching and kissing each other while the man goes down on them.

At 8:40 the three move into the bedroom, beginning with sensual kissing and caressing between the women, and then cunnilingus at 9:40. At 10:55 the man enters and also uses his mouth then penis to pleasure one of the women from behind, so that the three are linked in a line. At 15:30 the man is moved to a laying position and after some fellatio one of the women mounts her lover. The other woman kisses, licks and caresses both until she positions herself over the mans face, allowing him to use his tongue to pleasure her as she kisses the other woman, so the three make up a triangle position.

At 21:20 the women lay kissing on the bed while the man undertakes slow anal then at 24:30 pleasures the second woman in doggy style until 29:30 when the man climaxes over her back, finishing with some three-way kissing.

It comes as a pleasant surprise that this film is shot is primarily focused on the women’s pleasure – a true rarity when it comes to FFM threesome porn films. In fact the producer has beautifully captured the majesty of the women’s body that is complemented by some jazz music at the start and no speaking throughout. Recommended as a sensual movie for any interested in watching an unexpectedly romantic FFM threesome.

Duration: 30:20

Explicit rating: ***

The rest of this website may include triggering content.

13 June 2016

Mesmerizing Sensual Handjob

As the title describes, this clip is focused on a naked interracial couple, where the woman takes her time to gently message the man. It is recommended for those looking for a slow and sensuous film without explicit sexual intercourse. It is also a wonderful instructional video for those looking for tips on how they might take time to pleasure their partner before intercourse.

Laying the man down on his front, the woman lightly drags a large feather over his body until 2:25 when she then distributes oil across his bottom then body, slowly massaging all of his muscles and taking time on his penis and scrotum, the oil highlighting his beautiful body and skin. At 13:25 the man is positioned on his back and the woman continues to deeply massage his body and then private parts. At 18:00 she begins to primarily focus on the penis, leading him to climax at 29:40.

No words are spoken although meditative music is throughout the video.

Duration: 31:35

Explicit rating: *

The rest of this website may include triggering content.