Launching #NotesOfLove on Twitter

When we launched the Notes Of Love campaign at the Women of the World Festival in March, we could never have predicted that we’d gather over 1,000 in just one weekend.

Since then, we’ve also launched the campaign in twenty universities across the UK, encouraging students to write Notes of Love that’ll be sent to their local Rape Crisis centres.

Now we’d like to bring our campaign to an even wider audience, with the launch of  ‪#‎NotesOfLove‬ on Twitter. From 28th May 2015, we’ll be encouraging people to tweet us a note. All you need to do is include the hashtag #NotesOfLove within your tweet and every single note we receive will be sent to Rape Crisis Centres across the UK.

We really hope you’ll join us in showing love and solidarity to women who have experienced sexual violence. Just imagine how wonderful it would be to see hundreds or even thousands of #NotesOfLove sent your way if you needed some support.

If you’d like to help spread the word, we’d love it if you could tweet this message on 28th May to get the ball rolling.

Today @MyBodyBackProj is launching #NotesOfLove, sending messages of support to women who’ve experienced sexual violence. Please join them!

28th May. Twitter. See you there!