Introducing the MBB Book Club

On 30th June, we’re launching our first Virtual Book Club.

We’re starting a My Body Back Book Club to help create a lasting sense of community amongst our service users and non-service users. You don’t have to have experienced sexual violence to join– it’s for anyone who wants to read their way towards female empowerment, so anyone who considers themselves a feminist is welcome.

We think books can be pretty instrumental in changing perspectives, exploring suppressed ideas or merely to free you from daily life for a little while.

We want to use these books to help us things we normally find it hard to express: exploring sex as a means of achieving connectedness, personal strength and unpicking taboos around expected female behaviours.

Since this will be our very first Book Club, there’s no set book or theme. Instead, we want to create a conversation about books that have stuck with you and recommendations that you want to pass onto others. Then in our coming virtual and real life sessions, we’ll explore the books that mean most to you.

Here are just a few potential categories we’d like to explore.

  • Books to empower
  • Books to learn to love yourself
  • Books for coming of age
  • Books that address mental health well
  • Books to explore sexuality and yourself
  • Books you wish you read when you were younger
  • Books exploring female identity
  • Books for female camaraderie
  • Books to make you feel warm and fuzzy

So, mull over your ultimate book list recommendations over the next few days ready to share lists with us on 30th June.

The first virtual Book Club will mainly take place on Twitter where we’ll share your ideas, but if you’re not on Twitter, send them to, post them on our Facebook page or send them in a message on our Facebook page. We’ll create a massive pooled booklist once we have all your brilliant ideas.

A few ideas to start you off