In the press

27 September

The Free Press Journal

At ‘My Body Back’, rape survivors are handled with care

1 September


“The Clit List” Curates Porn Specifically For Assault Survivors

23 August

Get The Gloss

Is this the most inspiring maternity clinic in the UK?


Vogue Portugal

Todos Os Nomes (All The Names)

11 August

Stylist Magazine

Empowering tattoos help rape survivors reclaim their bodies in photography project

8 August

Daily Mail

‘Nobody is entitled to my body but me’: Rape survivors’ emotional messages of strength are captured in a powerful photo series by Rankin

1 August

British Medical Journal

UK’s first maternity service for rape survivors opens in London

29 July

Marie Claire

Powerful new My Body Back campaign supporting rape survivors is photographed by Rankin

29 July

BBC News

UK’s first maternity clinic for rape victims opens

First UK maternity clinic for rape and sexual assault victims opens

The Week

New maternity clinic for rape victims opens

I News

First maternity clinic set up for women who’ve been raped 

Red Magazine

UK’s First Maternity Clinic For Rape And Sexual Assault Victims Opens


Nursing Times

First maternity clinic for rape survivors opens today

India Today

UK opens doors to the very first maternity clinic for rape victims

Hindustan Times

Indian sets up UK’s first clinic for rape survivors


3 July

The Quint

The Clit List: A Porn Resource to Help Sexual Violence Survivors

30 June


Meet the woman who’s redefining healthcare for rape survivors

29 June

Empowering Women (Hearst)

Meet the woman who’s redefining healthcare for rape survivors


Meet the woman who’s redefining healthcare for rape survivors

27 June


Feminist porn is helping rape survivors find sexual pleasure again

23 June


This Feminist Porn Website Helps Women Reclaim Their Bodies After Sexual Assault

22 June


How a Feminist Porn List Is Helping Sexual Assault Survivors

21 June

Huffington Post

Feminist Porn Site Helps Assault Survivors Rediscover Pleasure

20 June

The Times of India

Pavan Amara, herself a rape victim, helps women reclaim their bodies and regain self-respect

17 June

The Pool

Why I set up a maternity clinic for rape survivors

15 June


The Clit List is a New Porn Resource for Victims of Sexual Assault

13 June

i News

How I used the experience of being raped to help other women

9 June

Our maternity clinic launch

The Independent

Rape survivor opens the UK’s first maternity clinic for sexual assault victims

Indy Voices

Pregnancy and birth can be dangerously traumatic for rape victims. Now I’ve found a way to help

The Mirror

NHS launches first maternity clinic for rape survivors which offers clinical and psychological support

The Evening Standard

Royal London Hospital to open UK’s first maternity clinic for rape survivors

Time Out London

The Royal London Hospital is opening the world’s first maternity clinic for rape survivors

2 September

Daily Mail

The rape survivor who helps other victims to enjoy sex again

Pavan spoke to Phoebe Jackson-Edwards at the Daily Mail about My Body Back and the great work that we’re doing in our clinics and Cafe V workshops.

30 August

BBC Sunday Morning Live

Our founder, Pavan Amara, contributed to a discussion on rape culture this morning on BBC’s Sunday Morning Live.

You can watch the interview on BBC iPlayer and you’ll find Pavan’s interview between 20:00 and 23:22.

Sunday Morning Live, Series 6 Episode 11


9 August

BBC World Service

UK’s first sexual health clinic for rape survivors


6 August

On Thursday 6 August we opened our new St Bart’s clinic for women who have experienced sexual violence.  As word got out, we were thrilled to get loads of brilliant coverage from national publications, helping us reach even more women across the UK.


Pavan Amara’s ‘My Body Back’ clinic in London for victims of sexual violence is incredible

BBC News

Clinic aims to help rape victims claim their body back


Here’s How A Woman Is Helping Others Reclaim Their Bodies After Sexual Assault


17 June

Grazia Magazine

Rape: we’re breaking the silence

Our founder, Pavan Amara, spoke to Zoe Beaty about the aftermath of sexual assault.


6 June

The Sun

Breaking the silence: sex after rape

Hannah Barr talks to our founder, Pavan Amara, about reclaiming sexuality after rape and sexual assault.


28 May

Vice Magazine

Meet the Woman Behind the UK’s First Specialist Clinic for Women Trying to Reclaim Their Bodies After Being Raped

Maya Oppenheim interviews our founder, Pavan Amara, about the long term effects of rape and sexal assault, and the beginnings of My Body Back.

15 May

The Guardian

How can women reclaim their bodies after sexual assault?

Laura Bates, founder of the Everyday Sexism Project, interviews our founder, Pavan Amara, about how My Body Back started and the work we’re doing to help women in the UK.

13 March

The Independent

India’s Daughter – A reaction from a victim of sexual assault in Britain

Our very own Pavan Amara wrote a striking piece in The Independent on the subject of the documentary India’s Daughter.

6 March 2015

BBC Woman’s Hour

You can jump ahead to 23 minutes and 20 seconds to hear our founder, Pavan Amara, speak on the subject of reclaiming sex and physicality after sexual violence.

 5 March 2015

The Independent

International Women’s Day: 10 of the activists you need to know about

We were really excited to hear that our founder, Pavan Amara, was listed as one of The Independent’s top activists in a list commemorating International Women’s Day.