Honoring Sexual Violence Awareness Month

Last year at the Women of the World festival, we launched our Notes of Love campaign and you can view just some of the notes on our Tumblr page. Over the past year, we’ve gathered over 2,500 messages of love and support from the public, addressed to women who have personally experienced sexual violence. These notes have been sent to us from all over the country – from women, men, students and children who have wanted to add their voice to a chorus of support for survivors. The public even took to Twitter, with the hashtag #NotesOfLove trending in the UK.

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This April, in honour of Sexual Violence Awareness Month we’ve been working hard to compile all of these messages and create word clouds. These represent just some of the positive messages the public wants to give to survivors of sexual violence. We feel it’s important for women to know they are not to blame for their assault, and the majority of the public supports them.

If you’re a survivor of sexual violence or work with survivors, you can download these resources here for free. The idea is that, during difficult times, women can draw on these notes as a source of strength.

We’ve been distributing these notes to the women and non-binary individuals accessing all My Body Back services. When women come to our clinics or our workshops they see and can take some of our notes of love. However vulnerable or alone they may feel, we want women to have a reminder that there are thousands of people in the UK sending solidarity their way.

If you’d like to receive some of our notes or take part in our campaign, you can email Rachel at rachel@mybodybackproject.com or tweet us at @MyBodyBackProj using the hashtag #NotesOfLove.

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