For anyone who’s not into erotic images or film, here are some useful tools to spark your imagination!

Reviews will outline the type of literature (poetry, short stories, novels, etc), trigger warnings, which acts take place and what language is used at what point, as well as some comments on what the viewer can expect.

We’ll also provide a rating from one to five flames to show how explicit the content is.

20 September 2016

By Oleander Plume

Plume is a published erotic author that writes on a huge array of topics and sexual interests including LGBTQ as well as straight stories – everything from vampire, cowboys, employees, you name it! While she has published a number of books that can be bought through her website, she also has a number of short stories that can be accessed online for free.

Her freely available work tends to be short, sharp and very sexy. In her own words, her work “tends to be light, with a humorous tone, but still x-rated”. Importantly, she makes a strong effort to ensure that no shame or humiliation is involved in her stories and all characters have fun, enjoy erotic acts, care about one another and are active participants – emphasising a positive sexual experience which we here at The Clit List really enjoy! Just be careful when selecting stories as there is not always blurb or trigger warnings available before reading.

Some recommended stories to get you started include:

Explicit rating: ****

13 September 2016

Erotic Readers and Writers Association 

For those interested in reading and creating erotic literature, this website provides recommendations on latest releases in erotic books as well as resources for aspiring writers.

When searching through the site, one can find their favourite authors or categories including anthologies, erotic novels, romance, vintage and modern classics, gay and lesbian fiction as well as sex and relationship guides – catering to a vast array of erotic literary interests. To complement, the site also has recommendations on music to get you in the mood, DVDs and sex toys, and provides blogs focusing on sexual issues and relationships.

Be advised that only in the Erotic Gallery, that features some authors supported by the website, is there access to free short stories. Note there are no descriptions of the literature prior to accessing these stories, so The Clit List warns readers to be careful of potential triggers. Otherwise the main bulk of the site gives the reader a thorough description of recommended books and links to where they can be bought (often from amazon) so that you feel empowered in researching and selecting your own material based on your own interests. Happy reading!

Explicit rating: ***

23 August 2016


By Remittance Girl

(Short Story)

Remittance girl’s ‘Souvenir’ is written from the perspective of Anna – a band member who arrives and feels very out of place in superficial Hollywood. She is in LA to play a concert when she meets Daniel, a member from another band that she previously met at festival. After the concert, Daniel and Anna quickly end up in a sexy situation after he helps her with a cut lip. The scene starts with Daniel bringing Anna to climax in front of a mirror using his fingers on his most intimate parts, and then moves onto intercourse. There are several instances where the couple discuss consent, while fuelled with passion. This includes Anna’s request that Daniel take care not to hurt her, to which he carefully obliges.

Remittance girl’s website has a wide range of erotic stories that she has written. The way she writes is not only sexy, but biting with honesty and a deep perspective of human emotion. If reading her wider collection, The Clit List warns that many of her other stories often include themes of BDSM, bondage, fetish, threesomes, domination, submission, and rape fantasies. Thus while the The Clit List does recommend other works on her site, it suggests that readers look carefully at the trigger warnings listed before reading.

Explicit rating: ***

2 August 2016

Don’t let go

By Shannon Motter

(Short Story)

The Clit List is privileged to review our second guest piece by Shannon Motter, which can be viewed on her blog ‘this is the way the world ends’. If you would also like The Clit List to consider your works for the site, please email for more details. 

The story is about a woman’s journey to reengage with her sexuality and reconnect with her partner after rape. It is told the perspective of the woman and therefore becomes a deep exploration of the trauma that can follow assault and also the pathways to healing including slowly restoring intimacy in a uniquely respectful and kind relationship. It includes the profound gamete of emotions that one can experience, as well as the reactions of her partner, as the couple deal with the rape and slowly move towards greater intimacy and then, at the end of the story, have sex.

This wonderful story demonstrates the journey that many women undertake after assault, however The Clit List provides a VERY STRONG WARNING for anyone who might be triggered by descriptions about emotions and trauma after rape.

Trigger warnings: Rape

Explicit rating: *****

24 July 2016

On Your Mark

Published in Scarlet Letters (2003) and now available on Heather Corinna’s website Femmerotic.

(Short story)

This short nonfiction story depicts the desire and lingering memories stirred by a single hickey left on the female writer, by her male partner, as told from her perspective. It deals with S&M themes of being bruised and blemished in the sake of reaching sexual crescendo and the residual erotic emotions from revealing those blemishes in public.

Although the short story does deal with S&M themes, it is written from the perspective of the fully consenting woman and reveals much about the yearnings around kink acts. As a result the story is recommended for those interested in BDSM however The Clit List provides a strong content warning for any who might be trigger by physical acts of pain.

Trigger warning: BDSM including consensual acts of physical harm such as bruising, biting, spanking.

Explicit rating: ****

11 July 2016

The Clit List is very excited to publish our first guest piece from nineteen year old poet and writer Leah Juliett! If you would also like The Clit List to consider your works for the site, please email for more details. 

Write Naked

By Leah Juliett

From the moment I exited the warmth of my mother’s womb and entered the enveloping chill of a judgmental world, I was wrapped in a blanket of shame. My hospital cries were pacified, my jungle gym bruises bandaged- tears wiped away and camouflaged with sticks and stones that claimed be more hurtful than words. Words, however, are sharper than sticks and stronger than stones- they have the capability to both break my bones and shatter my spirit. They have, they have, they have.

Despite disabilities and language barriers, every human being is born with the ability to speak. With this ability comes a cloak of consciousness- a filter that shades the truth and only reveals what is socially acceptable. In turn, some speak too much, while others not at all.

As a woman, my voice is often overshadowed by those of men. As a queer woman, my voice is trampled. As a woman suffering from mental illness, it is misunderstood. As a woman celebrating and embracing my naked body, it is censored. As a woman without shame, it is feared. Despite this, I speak. Despite this, I write.

When I was fourteen years old, I was a victim of revenge pornography. A boy begged me to send him a naked photograph of myself, and then proceeded to post the picture on an online message board. My naked body became a piece of stolen artwork. My voice was stolen. For years, I refused to speak about what had happened to me. I allowed myself to fall victim to humiliation and guilt day after day. I hid in the shallows of shame. One day I realized that freedom is my own choice- and words the weapon I’d use to break the chain of my oppressor. Instead of wallowing in fear, I set myself free by reclaiming my own nakedness. Celebrating it. My naked pictures were posted online and I did not die. I survived by telling the story of what had happened to me. Through writing, I learned that I was not alone. I learned that my soul can create things more beautifully haunting than ghost stories, and that gardens can still grow in achingly empty places.

I believe that individuals are dealt disadvantages as opportunities to change how the world perceives people who are different. By embracing the scars, the hurt, and the raw truths of our mistakes and what has happened to us, we write our own strength. We publish our pasts and write shame off of the pages. We rewrite, we continue, we win.

Each second that I choose noise over silence- I win. When I talk about being gay, I win. When I proclaim my homosexuality and it’s spectrum- I win. When I sing about depression cutting my skin, I win. When I reclaim my body, I win.

If you see my naked body today, you will see words written on my kneecaps and wrists. You will see cracks that I have not covered. You will see seams that I have not sewn shut. I have stretch marks in my chest where my fear once lived. I’ve grown so much since then. Today, I swallow what has happened to me and spit it out into a book that everyone who has ever destroyed me will have to read- because what I write is more naked than I’ve ever been.

For more from Leah please see the following links:
Twitter: @leahjuliett

27 June 2016

“Lost At Sea”

By Peony


This short audio book (time) is perfect for those interested in truly beautifully written literature spoken through a very sexy woman’s voice. This podcast can be considered somewhat deep, delving into the mind of a woman after having sex with a man in a passionate yet hard and somewhat unloving way.

After a party a woman takes a shower, observing her body and the home that she is located in. She lets her mind wonder to an evening with her lover and contemplates the psychological and physical impact that he has made in her, including her tumultuous feelings of lust, love, longing and confusion.

Explicit rating: **

13 June 2016

Love and Sleep

By Algernon Charles Swinburne (1837-1909)


Swinburne is considered one of the most accomplished lyric poets of the Victorian era and was regarded a symbol of rebellion against the conservative values of the time. His work is often explicit, containing sexual themes, including in his seminal work Poems and Ballads (1866).

‘Love and Sleep’ does not fail to deliver with Swinburne elegantly describing the captivating features of his love’s desire and their simmering passion in 14 short lines.

Explicit rating: **

13 June 2016

B.D.K. Ch. 01

(Short story)

Two old friends discovering their sexuality at college provides the environment for Kelly to reveal that she is transgender to her best friend Austin.

The story evolves so that Kelly allows Austin to see her body, leading to some petting and then Austin using his mouth to pleasure her penis. The couple then undertake 69 and Kelly uses the opportunity to pleasure Austin’s anus with her fingers, leading him to orgasm.

When he has had a chance to recover he then returns the favour by pleasuring her with his hands, using his tongue on her breasts, and then ending in fellatio.

The story is told from the perspective of Austin, who delightfully narrates Kelly’s beauty and his growing desire for her over their years of friendship. Telling the story from this perspective also enables the author to express the genuine love, openness and acceptance on the part of Austin, as well as his first experience with a transgendered woman.

Explicit rating: *****

13 June 2016

Michael Field

AKA Katherine Harris Bradley and Edith Emma Cooper


Michael Field was the pseudonym under which Katherine Harris Bradley and her niece Edith Emma Cooper collaboratively published eight books of poetry and twenty-seven plays in Britain in the late 19th-century.

Their poetry is considered a passionate expression of their love for one another and their name Michael Field was their way of declaring their inseparable oneness with friends referring to them as the Fields, the Michaels or the Michael Fields.

Much of Field’s poetry, including the ones found at the link provided below, deal openly with feminine sexuality, erotic love between women, featuring strong and complex female characters.

Explicit rating: **