An update for all our service users

The last few weeks have been incredibly busy for us. We have been so pleased many of you from across the world have felt able to contact us and confide in us. We care very much for all of the women who use our service.

However, we have been struggling to keep up with demand recently! We know this must be frustrating if you’ve asked for an appointment and we haven’t been able to get back to you yet. We will be in touch and we know how important it is to you that we work as fast as possible. For that reason, we wanted to outline the reasons why delays have occurred. 
We are a very new organisation. We have a relatively small team to deal with the volume of requests. The requests for appointments have now stretched into many thousands, and they all require specialised care and attention to detail. We are working very hard to put systems in place to deal with this demand, and over the next few weeks this should hopefully make things easier. 

We will do our best to book you in for appointments within 2016. But, we are fast running out of appointments for this year. We have a waiting list which we do refer to if there are any cancellations, and we will also offer you a 2017 appointment as soon as they become available.

We would love to be able to offer everybody appointments within 2016, but we cannot practically do it due to there being a much higher demand than the appointments available. We wanted to clearly explain the reasons to you, and really hope you can all understand we are doing our best for you. We will keep trying to find new ways to see as many of you as possible for clinical appointments within 2016.

In the mean time, you are very welcome to use our other services such as our Cafe V workshops, MBB book club, and The Clit List. Make sure you register before you come along to workshops to ensure there is still space available!