Our clinics: new booking process and current availability

Our new booking process

To make booking your appointment quicker and more efficient, we’ve set up a new process.

Here’s how to book your clinic appointment from now on.

  • Email us at bookings@mybodybackproject.com
  • In the subject line, include the type of appointment you’d like. So, for our My Body Back Clinic that could be cervical screening, STI check, coil fitting or coil removal. For maternity clinics, just tell us if you’re looking for a pre-pregnancy, post-pregnancy or maternity (if you’re currently pregnant) appointment.
  • In the email, you can tell us a bit more about yourself, how you’d like your appointment to go and any questions you might have. We’ll then get back to you as soon as we can.


As always, our My Body Back clinic has been in high demand so far this year and, as a result, we’ve now filled all our slots for 2017. We’re so sorry if you’ve missed out this time. If we haven’t been able to book you in, we’ve added you to our waiting list.

The good news is, we still have plenty of appointments left for our MBB Maternity Clinic, so feel free to book!