Calling all multilingual people!

We’re urgently looking for volunteers to help us translate and reply to international emails about our clinics.

We’ve been receiving lots of emails from around the world recently and they’re often not written in English, or the woman’s first language is not English. We really want to be able to do our best for all the women who contact us and make communication as easy as possible for them.

What we’re looking for
We need London-based women who speak a second language fluently and would like to volunteer for us.

We’re seeing a large variety in the languages needed. So, whatever your second language is, if you have a few hours a week to volunteer with us, we could really do with your help. We’d particularly like speakers of Spanish, Farsi, South African and Nigerian dialects and Pakistani dialects, but we’d like to hear from speakers of all languages, so we can cover all our bases.

How you can help
One we’ve got you a DBS check, you can help us by translating and composing emails, as well as being present to translate at video call appointments with women living across the world.

If you can help, please email us at with Language Volunteer in the subject title.