My Body Back’s first birthday campaign

We’re celebrating My Body Back’s first birthday with a brand new campaign created with legendary photographer Rankin.

The My Body Back Campaign is simply about women reclaiming their body after rape, embracing their voices and their vision of who they are and being unapologetic about all of it. It’s also about rejecting the idea that a woman is in any way to blame for being raped or assaulted, or should feel ashamed, feel she has to keep it a secret or hide her body.

Instead, all the women who took part were asserting their voices very clearly with their chosen phrases, were confident in who they were and in their own skin. Rankin was perfect to do this with us, as he understood exactly what My Body Back Project was about, was brilliantly supportive and helped capture precisely what needed to be said.

Rankin says,

“I was truly moved by this project and humbled to be involved. The sheer strength of these women, after what they have been through, left me speechless. The importance of the work My Body Back does can’t really be expressed in words. They are brave in the extreme. It was an honour to welcome you all into my studio; our door is always open. I speak on behalf of my entire team when I say you are an inspiration”.


Our founder, Pavan Amara, says,

“So many people experience sexual violence globally, and every day we have emails from women in the United States, Ireland, Australia, India, Pakistan. That shows so much more needs to be done, and we need to get it done. It’s important for women to know there is a life after experiencing rape or sexual violence – and a good one. It is possible to feel totally in control again, in charge, and love yourself and your body again. This campaign shows that.”


Check out our photos on the My Body Back Campaign page.