Another great session at Cafe V

On Saturday we had a full house at Cafe V, with over forty women attending our monthly session to talk about enjoying sex and feeling positive about our bodies after experiencing violence.

Cafe V is held at Sh! Women’s Store, which has supported our project every step of the way. Every month they put on a beautiful spread of tea and cakes and help us run our two hour session focused on communicating likes and dislikes with a sex partner. This is based on requests from women who know how tough it can be to explain what is triggering or difficult during sex, especially to a new partner. As usual, we kept it light with lots of laughter, but we learned a lot and sparked some fascinating conversations.

We’re busy planning the next few Cafe V sessions, but we’re also working with feedback from lots of women who requested workshops about developing positive body image and confidence, enjoying masturbation again after experiencing violence, orgasm and difficulties with this, and learning how to feel more in control during sex.

Our next few sessions will concentrate on these topics, and we’ll also be making them a little smaller. We’ll limit numbers to thirty women, as Saturday’s session was a little crowded, and we’ll announce the next dates here and on our mailing list. Please book as soon as you can, as spaces fill up fast. If you do miss out on a spot, don’t worry. If we have a long waiting list for a particular session, we’ll try and hold a second one on that topic as soon as possible.