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Our services

Our services are designed to help women a year or more after their assault(s). If you haven’t yet had care and counselling since your assault(s), we think it’s best to do this before coming to one of our clinics for

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Stay in touch

For general enquiries, email us on info@mybodybackproject.com, or follow us on Twitter @mybodybackproj.   If you’d like to book an appointment for our MBB Clinic, email us at clinic@mybodybackproject.com.   For questions about Cafe V, you can email us at CafeV@mybodybackproject.com, although

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Charities and support groups

The My Body Back Project was created to support women around a year onwards after their sexual assault. In the immediate aftermath, there are more specific charities and support groups ready and waiting to help you in any way they can.  

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Every penny we receive goes towards helping women across the UK reclaim their bodies, their health and their sexuality after sexual assault.

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